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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives


Physician Assistant Recruitment Contacts

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Albuquerque Area (New Mexico and Colorado)

Cora Boone
Albuquerque Indian Health Center and Acoma-Canoncito-Laguna Hospital
Rotation specialties: Family Practice, Rural Medicine
Telephone: (505) 248-4418

Great Plains Area (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa)

Douglas Lehman, MD
Acting Clinical Director
Rosebud Indian Health Service Hospital
Rotation specialties: Emergency Room
Telephone: (605) 747-2231 x3326

Phil Jaquith, PA-c
Santee Health Center (rural outpatient clinic)
Rotation specialties: Family Medicine
Telephone: (402) 857-2300

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (Alaska)

Ed Bean
Ethel Lund Medical Center SEARHC
Rotation specialties: Family Practice and Emergency Room
Telephone: 1 (800) 528-6680

Nashville Area

Michael Toedt, M.D
Clinical Director
Cherokee Indian Hospital
Rotation specialties: Em Med, FP, IM, Urgent Care, Pediatrics, Diabetes Prevention and Management
Telephone: (828) 497-9163

Navajo Area (Navajo Reservation)

John Bryan, PA-c
Northern Navajo Medical Center
Rotation specialties: Surgery
Telephone: (505) 368-6001

Ellamae Dayzie
Inscription House Health Center
Rotation specialties: Family Practice, Urgent Care

Phoenix Area (Arizona, Nevada, and Utah)

Karen Camilli
Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC)
Rotation specialties: ER, Urgent Care, FP, Internal Med, Surgery, Pediatrics
Telephone: (602) 248-4186 x1342

Tim McCreary PA-c
Ft. Duchesne Service Unit
Rotation specialties: Family Practice
Telephone: (866)879-9475


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