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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Office of Tribal Self-Governance (OTSG)

Functions and Staff

The Four IHS Priorities
1. To renew and strengthen our partnerships with Tribes.
2. To reform IHS.
3. To improve the quality of and access to care.
4. To make all of our work accountable, transparent, fair and inclusive.

OTSG Functions

The OTSG is responsible for a wide range of Agency functions that are critical to IHS' relationship with Tribes, Tribal Organizations, and other American Indian and Alaska Native groups. In all its functions, the OTSG supports the four IHS priorities: to renew and strengthen our partnerships with Tribes; to reform IHS; to improve the quality of and access to care; and to make all of our work accountable, transparent, fair and inclusive.

OTSG functions include:
  • Developing and overseeing the implementation of Tribal Self-Governance legislation and authorities in the IHS.
  • Participating in nation-to-nation negotiations of ISDEAA Title V Compacts and Funding Agreements and providing oversight of the Agency Lead Negotiators (ALNs).
  • Reviewing eligibility requirements for Tribes to participate in the TSGP and applications for TSGP Planning and Negotiation Cooperative Agreements.
  • Providing resources and technical assistance to Tribes and Tribal Organizations for the implementation of Tribal Self-Governance.
  • Coordinating Self-Governance Tribal Delegation Meetings for the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), IHS Headquarters, and Area senior officials.
  • Developing and recommending policies, administrative procedures, and guidelines for the IHS TSGP and advising the IHS Director on TSGP actions and activities.
  • Arranging national Tribal Self-Governance meetings, including an annual conference in partnership with the Department of the Interior (DOI), to promote the participation by all American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes in IHS Tribal Self-Governance activities.
  • Developing, publishing, and presenting information related to the IHS TSGP to Tribes, Tribal Organizations, state and local governmental agencies, and other interested parties, including TSGP training.
  • Supporting the activities of the IHS Director's Tribal Self-Governance Advisory Committee (TSGAC).
  • Collaborating with Tribal and Federal partners to address crosscutting issues and processes, including budget formulation; self-determination issues; Tribal shares methodologies; resolution of audit findings; and emergency preparedness, response and security.

OTSG Staff

The Office of Tribal Self-Governance
The OTSG develops, directs and implements TSGP policies and procedures authorized under Title V of the ISDEAA and serves as an advocate for Self-Governance Tribes within the IHS. Specifically, OTSG staff includes an Office Director; a Deputy Director; Financial Analysts who process payments to Self-Governance Tribes, carry out OTSG budget activities, and review audits to determine eligibility; Program Analysts who assist the ALNs in the negotiating and processing of Self-Governance Compacts and Funding Agreements; Policy Analysts who develop, review, and comment on policies, procedures, and proposed rulemaking that may affect the TSGP and Self-Governance Tribes; and administrative staff. All staff members provide advice and recommendations to the OTSG Director and OTSG Deputy Director.

Director, Office of Tribal Self-Governance
P. Benjamin Smith [PDF - 205KB]

Acting Agency Lead Negotiator
Carla Mayo
Point of Contact: Bemidji Area and Billings Area

Deputy Director, Office of Tribal Self-Governance
Jennifer Cooper
Point of Contact: Great Plains Area and Tucson Area

Program Analysts
Roxanne Houston
Point of Contact: Albuquerque Area, Nashville Area, and Navajo Area

Anna W. Johnson
Point of Contact: Oklahoma City Area and Phoenix Area

Christopher Manydeeds
Point of Contact: Bemidji Area, Billings Area, and California Area

Policy Analysts
Jessica Smith-Kaprosy
Point of Contact: Alaska Area

Jeremy W. Marshall
Point of Contact: Alaska Area, Portland Area, and TSGP Cooperative Agreements
Financial Analysts
Debra Gould
Point of Contact: Navajo Area, Oklahoma City Area, Phoenix Area

Steven Plumer
Point of Contact: Albuquerque Area, Bemidji Area, Billings Area, and Nashville Area

Kevin Quinn
Point of Contact: California Area and Portland Area

Support Staff
Mary Beardsley

Ashley Parkinson
Staff Assistant

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