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Community Health Nursing/Public Health Nursing (CHN/PHN) Data Mart

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The mission of the Indian Health Service is to raise the health status of the American Indians and Alaska Native people (AI/AN) to the highest possible level. The Indian Health Performance Evaluation System (IHPES) supports that mission by providing access to data and information to important health services provided to American Indians and Alaska Natives served by the Community Health Nursing/Public Health Nursing program, Indian Health Service. By providing access to national and regionally aggregated data, the Indian Health Service now has immediate access to data that can be used to report and track important health issues relating to "Indian country". The data can also be used for advocacy purposes.

The IHPES program utilizes the electronic export processes in place to move data from local health care organizations where treatment is provided and on to National Programs. The IHPES program utilizes the National Data Warehouse (NDW) containing patient level encounters from both Resource Patient Management System (RPMS) sites as well as non-RPMS sites that have mapped to the industry standard HL7 formats required by the NDW project to receive, process and load data.

The goal of this IHPES application is to accurately reflect the scope of services provided by the Community Health Nursing/Public Health Nursing program and its contribution to many national GPRA measures. The application is also designed to provide immediate access to data/information to appropriate Community Health Nursing/Public Health Nursing leadership and staff for program management, budget and advocacy purposes.

Project Description 

The Community Health Nursing/Public Health Nursing (CHN/PHN) Program and the Indian Health Performance Evaluation System (IHPES) formed a partnership to develop a "version 2" CHN/PHN Data Mart. The data mart is much more than providing simple statistics to PHN related data. The data mart includes the ability for senior IHS leadership and CHN/PHN staff to access the most critical performance data for the program - GPRA Screenings, Activity Codes, Workload, ICD9 and Timeliness reports. The application includes a number of "core" reports defined by CHN/PHN staff. The reports provide the ability to look at each performance measure from the national, area (regional), service unit or facility level. Access is provided via a web browser and can be accessed anytime through the IHS "internet".

The data mart provides core reports such as: GPRA Screenings, Activiy Code, Home Visit Graphs, Age Group Report, Clinic Report, Top 25 ICD9 Report, and Timeliness Graphs. The application provides the ability to generate reports "on the fly" by actual encounter date range and both Fiscal or GPRA years. Both sets of reports can be generated by GPRA year, Fiscal year or date specific time periods.

The application makes full use of the IHS' National Data Warehouse project jointly developed by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and the IHPES program.


The CHN/PHN Data Mart provides the following reports:

Activity Reports
  • Activity Code
  • Home Visit Graphs
BFHI Reports
  • Total BFHI PN, PP, NB Visits
  • Top Patient Education Codes Documented for PHN PN, PP, NB Visits
Dementia Reports
  • Total Dementia Patients Summary
  • Total Dementia PHN Follow-Up Visits
  • Top Patient Education for PHN Dementia Follow-Up Visits
  • Top ICD9/10 for PHN Dementia Follow-Up Visits
GPRA Reports
  • GPRA Screenings
Hospital Readmissions
  • All Hospital Discharges Top 25 ICD9/10 PPOV
  • PHN Follow-Up Visits within 30 Days of Discharge
  • PHN Follow-Ups Top 25 ICD9/10 (within 30 Days)
  • PHN Follow-Ups Top 25 Patient Education (within 30 Days)
Million Hearts
  • Million Hearts PHN Contributions
  • Top Patient Education for Tobacco Cessation
  • Top Patient Education for Blood Pressure
  • Top Patient Education for Sodium Reduction
ICD9 Reports
  • Top 25 ICD9 Report
Patient Education Reports
  • Patient Education Report
Timeliness Reports
  • Timeliness Graphs
  • Historical Norms - Encounters Per Month
Workload Reports
  • Age Group Report
  • Clinic Report
Project Scope 

The CHN/PHN Data Mart project provides access to core Community Health Nursing/Public Health Nursing reports for all sites exporting data to the National Data Warehouse project.

The application provides the ability to generate aggregated national, area (regional), service unit and facility level reports. Access is controlled by both user id and passwords. The level of report(s) available to the user is dependent upon his/her approved access "level". Access privileges are controlled by CHN/PHN staff.