CDE Administration

The “CDE Administration” page, accessible only by the CDE Administrator, provides single-page administrative functions. This page enables the CDE Administrator to oversee the entire CDE process from catalog creation to final yearly statistics of overall CDE use.

Administrative Navigation separates these functions as described below:

Screen capture of Administrator Catalog page with functions indicated with numbers as described in the text
  1. Catalog – This selection provides access to all catalog-related administrative functions, such as creating a catalog or initiating a new course or running the lottery.
    1. Underlying tab structure for catalog based on course category
    2. One-click publication of new catalog after review process
    3. One-click access to course details for editing or updating
    4. CDE use statistics provided by course
    5. Easy selection of catalog by year
    6. Built-in tools for catalog generation and maintenance
  2. Calendar – This selection provides a single-page overview of all CDE activities within a specified month, as well as identifying courses that are due to begin in the next twelve weeks. Selection of month and year is easy and, as always, you have one-click access to course details.
  3. Instructors – This selection is used for all instructor-related administrative functions, such as reviewing instructors' schedules or adding new instructors. It provides one-click access to course details and allows you to easily contact any instructor on the list.
  4. Staff This selection allows the CDE Administrator to search for personnel and perform all tasks associated with a supervisor.
  5. System – This selection provides system administration functions such as single-click running of the lottery after the nomination period.