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National Data Warehouse (NDW)

The National Patient Information Reporting System (NPIRS) instituted the National Data Warehouse (NDW) in 2006. The NDW is a state-of-the-art, enterprise-wide data warehouse environment for the Indian Health Service's (IHS) national data repository.

NPIRS produces various reports that are required by statute and regulation and provides a broad range of clinical and administrative information to managers at all levels of the Indian health system, allowing better management of individual patients, local facilities, and regional and national programs.

What is a Data Warehouse?

Basically, a data warehouse is a place for data both internal and external to an organization to be stored together for analytical and informational processing regardless of the platform or application.

Specifically, the IHS National Data Warehouse gathers, stores, reports, and allows easy access to accurate historical data. It is custom designed to meet the administrative and clinical needs of Indian health end users nationwide. It includes a national enterprise-level database  that provides a relatively complete, historical repository of patient registration and encounter information dating back to October 2000. It also accommodates individual Data Marts.  Data Marts are highly focused databases where end users can quickly and efficiently access targeted information, often via a Web interface. Data Marts meet individual program search and reporting needs that the complete NDW Database is too large to efficiently support.  While information in the NDW  remains the same, Data Mart databases are created by importing only the data required to fulfill the custom requirements of specific end users. Data Marts can be refreshed or purged and the data re-imported from the NDW whenever necessary.

The following diagram depicts NPIRS’ Business Intelligence/Reporting Environment:

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