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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Aberdeen Area


The Aberdeen Area Statistician generates, analyzes, interprets, and report statistical data from all Area operating units and serves as a direct liaison with the national Indian Health Service data system. In addition, the Statistician provides a variety of data collection and analyses functions for Area, service unit, and tribal programs.

  • Evaluate and analyze trends and make forecasts about health care delivery to optimize patient care and support program management of decision-making. Provide direct consultation to the Area Director on all health issues based on data collection efforts, analyses, research, program evaluation, and other scientific inquiry into health systems. Conducts Special statistical studies as mandated by directives from IHS Director, Congress, and other Federal agencies.
  • Monitor and review direct inpatient, outpatient, and tribal Contract Health Service data transmissions, respond to error conditions, and disseminate final reports to all operating units. Respond to technical inquiries from tribes and service units regarding data quality, statistical methods, Patient Care Component, and other RPMS software applications.
  • Publish natality, mortality, and leading causes of direct and Contract Health Service inpatient/outpatient visits, which describe the health trends of American Indian/Alaskan Natives in the service unit.
  • Produces and publishers the leading causes of inpatient and outpatient visits by service unit on an annual basis - Morbidity Data Report.

Contact Information: 605-226-7535

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