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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Oklahoma City Area

Contract Health Services

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What are Contract Health Services?

Contract Health Services (CHS) is health care purchased by the Indian Health Service (IHS) from non IHS providers and facilities when direct services of care are not available.

CHS is required to operate within appropriated funds. There is no authority to provide payment for services under the CHS program unless funds are available.

Please click on one of the coverage area maps to the right for service delivery information for your location in Kansas, Oklahoma or Texas.

CHS is not:

  • An Entitlement Program
  • An Insurance Program

Does the Oklahoma City Area's CHS Program have unlimited funds?

No. CHS resources are based on a limited congressional appropriation (or budget).

When are CHS funds used?

CHS funds are used in situations where:
  • No IHS direct care facility exists.
  • The direct care facility cannot provide the required emergency speciality care.
  • The direct care facility has an overflow of medical care workload.

CHS is limited to services that are medically indicated within the established medical priorities.

If services are not authorized for payment they will be denied or deferred.

If you have questions regarding CHS or would like to speak to someone regarding CHS, please contact the Oklahoma City Area CHS Office in Oklahoma City at 405-951-6075, or you can contact CHS via email and your question will be routed to the appropriate Oklahoma City Area facility or location.

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