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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Oklahoma City Area

Programs & Services

Office of the Area Director

RADM Kevin Meeks - Area Director

Office of Tribal Self-Determination

CAPT Max Tahsuda - Asst. Area Director
  • Division of Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Division of Planning and Partnership Development

Office of the Chief Medical Officer

Dr. John Farris - Chief Medical Officer
  • Contract Health Services
  • Compliance and Performance Improvement
  • Office of Health Care Systems
  • Chief Executive Officers

Area Office Operations

Ron Grinnell - Asst. Area Director for Area Office Operations

Office of Environmental Health and Engineering

Harold Cully - Asst. Area Director for Environmental Health and Engineering
  • Division of Environmental Health Services
  • Division of Facilities Management
  • Division of Sanitation Facilities Construction
  • Division of Real Property
  • Division of Biomedical Engineering

Regional Programs

  • Southeast Region Office of Human Resources
  • Health Professions Recruiting
  • Southeast Region Office of Commissioned Corps Support
  • Southeast Region Equal Employment Opportunity Branch

Service Units

The Oklahoma City Area consists of 11 service units. Learn more about them and the areas they serve on the Health Facilities page.

Additional Field Programs

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