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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Office of Tribal Self-Governance (OTSG)

Agency Lead Negotiators (ALNs)

rock bridge The IHS Director has delegated authority to the Agency Lead Negotiators (ALNs) to represent the IHS Director during negotiations. Only the ALN has the delegated authority to negotiate on behalf of the IHS Director. The ALNs also provide Tribes with self-governance information, assist Tribes in self-governance planning, coordinate meetings between the Tribe and the IHS during the negotiation process, and coordinate the Agency's response to Tribal questions. Since the IHS OTSG is charged with the implementation of the Tribal Self-Governance legislation and authorities within the IHS, the OTSG oversees the ALNs.

The ALN role requires detailed knowledge of IHS, awareness of current policy and practice, and understanding of the rights and authorities available to a Tribe under Title V of the ISDEAA. In most instances, ALNs perform negotiation duties in addition to other full-time jobs. As necessary, ALNs receive assistance from other Area or Headquarters (HQ) staff prior to and during negotiations, including staff from the OTSG, IHS Office of Finance and Accounting (OFA) and the Office of the General Counsel (OGC). Such assistance may include:
  • Reviewing documents.
  • Identifying Agency concerns.
  • Providing advice on issues.
  • Calculating HQ Tribal shares.
  • Advising the ALN on IHS retained services.
  • Drafting language for Compacts and Funding Agreements.

IHS staff must be available to assist ALNs as necessary to increase the speed and accuracy with which ISDEAA agreements are negotiated.

Evangelyn Dotomain

Lindsay King

Carla Mayo

Carla Mayo
Point of Contact: Garland Stiffarm

Travis Coleman
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Great Plains
Point of Contact: Sandy Nelson

Lindsay King
Floyd Thompson, Acting
Point of Contact: Alva Tom

Max Tahsuda
(BIO) [PDF - 193KB]
Jennifer LaMere

Max Tahsuda
Jennifer LaMere
Point of Contact: Randall Morgan

Denise Imholt

Point of Contact: Robert Price

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