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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Office of Tribal Self-Governance (OTSG)

Resources and Materials

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OTSG Informational Packet

To improve awareness of the resources and services provided by OTSG and its role in assisting Tribes through the process of self-governance, as well as to improve communication with the Tribes, the OTSG chose to refine, update and improve its communication materials in 2012. OTSG carried the same design theme, tone, color palette and images throughout its suite of materials (pocket folder brochure, stepped slipsheets, accordion-style QRG (Z-Card), handbook and website).

The OTSG Quick Reference Guide (Z-Card) The Indian Health Service (IHS) Office of Tribal Self-Governance (OTSG) updated its Quick Reference Guide (QRG) for distribution to interested parties who participate in the self-governance exploration and decision making process in 2012. The resulting Accordian-fold, QRG (Z-Card) contains information about the OTSG mission, functions and self-governing Tribes as well as a map listing the geographic locations of each self-governing Tribe.

IHS OTSG Tribal Self-Governance Program Negotiations Handbook The Indian Health Service (IHS) Office of Tribal Self-Governance (OTSG) updated its Negotiations Handbook in 2012 to provide an understandable, well-organized and convenient reference guide for key decision makers and managers to use during the migration and administration of the Tribal self-governance model.

Funding Opportunities

For information about Tribal Self-Governance eligibility and the steps to follow to apply for funding, visit Eligibilty and Funding. For information specific to OTSG funding, you can also visit Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving .


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