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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Aberdeen Area

Office of Planning and Legislation

Office of Planning and Legislation functions
  • Support to the Office of the Area Director, Area branches, and Indian Health Service Headquarters in the development and implementation of facility planning, staffing analysis, program design as it relates to facility construction,
  • Support the development, maintenance, and implementation of the Resource Requirements Methodology Needs Assessment used to determine staffing and resource requirements including budget formulation
  • Area liaison with Indian Health Service Headquarters Offices; Environmental Health and Engineering; Program Statistics, Planning and Evaluation, and Clinical and Preventive Health Service in the planning of federally funded construction projects,
  • Prepare, evaluate and verify submissions of Program Justification Documents, Program of Requirements, Project Summary Documents, and Program Justification Document for Quarters to assure they are in accordance with the Health Facilities Construction Priority System and their Health Facilities Master Plan,
  • Collect and analyze workload data for application of the formulas contained in the Indian Health Service Health Systems Planning software.
  • Implement national directives regarding facility construction, staffing formula design, other construction formulas, resource allocation and interpreting policy in light of service unit and tribal needs.

Contact Information: 605-226-7535

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