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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Provider Resources

Request Forensic Equipment

As of March 2013, the Indian Health Service (IHS) has delivered forensic equipment to 46 IHS and Tribal hospitals and clinics through its contractor, Second Opinion Telemedicine Solutions, Inc. Forensic equipment consists of a high-quality digital camera, a laptop installed with Second Opinion software, a tripod, camera lenses, and other accessories housed in a durable storage case. To be eligible to receive equipment, health care facilities must be  federally or tribally operated. Fill out and submit the online form to request forensic equipment for IHS and Tribal health care facilitiesExit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Certification

SANE certification is recognition of forensic nurses who have achieved the highest standards in his or her specialty. All requirements set forth by the International Association of Forensic Nurses must be met before applying for certification. Though it is not required for practice in IHS facilities, the IHS encourages registered nurses to seek SANE certification. There is no SANE certification for physicians or physician assistants.
All health care providers should follow the training requirements outlined in the Indian Health Manual (IHM) Chapter 29, Sexual Assault Policy.
Please contact the Forensic Healthcare staff if you have questions regarding training requirements or SANE certification.

IHS Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Listserv

The IHS Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Listserv is operated by the IHS Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner-Sexual Assault Response Team (SANE SART) Coordinators and IHS Division of Nursing Women's Health Program Staff.  The list communicates IHS' response efforts, policy updates, training and funding announcements, and provides technical assistance for sexual and domestic violence. Just add your name and email to IHS Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Listserv to join.

Sexual Assault Resources

Intimate Partner Violence Resources