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iCare v2.3 Released - April 26th 2012

Focus on Improving Patient Care (IPC) - Employee Health - Panel Definitions

iCare version 2.3 introduces quite a few new features. One of the primary goals was to support the IPC program through increasing the efficiency in reporting out IPC defined provider measures. This was done through automating data collection and population of data exports necessary for IPC reporting effectively eliminating the need to run complicated Excel macros.

The result was drastic reduction of steps necessary to populate provider excel templates.

Features included in iCare v2.3
  • IPC Tabs
    • Patient Detail
    • Panel Detail
    • Provider Aggregated (IPC Export)
    • Facility Aggregated
  • Enhanced Panel Definitions
    • Categorize panels
    • Define as an IPC panel
    • Locate patients NOT assigned to a Primary Care Provider
    • Create panels based on multiple providers
    • Create panels based on primary care teams
    • Create employee health panels
    • Define based on labs or patients who have NOT had a lab
    • Define base on medications or patients who are NOT on a medication
  • Enhanced MU Clinical Quality Measures Reporting
  • Pregnancy Diagnostic Tag
  • Support for BMX 4.0
    • Allows support multiple server environments
  • Addition of New Site Parameters
    • Employee health
    • Pregnancy definition
    • IPC data collection
    • iCare inactivity timeout

  • Custom Template Creation and Sharing

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