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iCare v2.3 Patch 4 Released - Oct 3rd 2014

Focus on Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certification

iCare version 2.3 Patch 4 introduces quite a few new features. The primary goal was to support Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certification.

Features included in iCare v2.3 Patch 4

  • Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certification
    • Panel Definition enhancements (create panels or lists of patients based on):
      • Date of Birth
      • Inpatient Status (Admits/Discharges)
      • Emergency Room Status (Admits/Discharges)
      • Preferred Communication Preference (Aid to patient reminders and notification)
      • Preferred Language
      • Problem(s) (Individual/Multiple/Taxonomy by status)
      • Medication(s)
      • Reminders (Due/Overdue)
      • Lab(s) (Filter by specific lab values/results)
      • Performance Measure Updates
    • Audit Logging (Capture of Viewing/Export of Patient Information activities). See package IHS USER SECURITY AUDIT (BUSA) for more information.
    • Reminders (Patient reminders can be processed in iCare to support Performance Measures)
  • User Enhancements
    • Panel View: Definition Details tab (Additional details displayed based on how the panel was defined)
    • Care Management Tab: COPD
    • Care Management Tab: Diabetes
    • Care Management Tab: Immunizations
    • Display National Measures by Division
    • Employee Health view updated to include series for MMR, Hep A, Hep B
    • Fix TIU display
    • Timeframe definition updates
    • Panel Definition: CPT added
    • Panel Definition: Patient Education added
    • iCare Site Parameters: Divisions (define your sites divisions)
    • Performance Measures will automatically run monthly
    • Extend the HMS Quality of Care timeout beyond fifteen minutes
    • Fix some IPC measure denominator count
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