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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

Children and adolescents can get arthritis, too. It happens when their immune system affects their joints and is called juvenile arthritis. Early signs of juvenile arthritis may be noticed by parents and grandparents as swollen joints, fever, or sudden rash and often are mistaken for normal problems of childhood. But, juvenile arthritis is more serious than that. Ask your child's doctor about juvenile arthritis to learn more.


Summer Safety

There are many outdoor activities and sporting tournaments that take place in the summer months. It is important to maintain safe public health practices during the warmer months. Be sure to drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen, protect against tick and mosquito bites with insect repellent, and always wear your seatbelt while driving.


ACA Special Enrollment Periods and Exemption Options

Although open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace ended on February 15th, members of federally recognized tribes and Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Corporation shareholders can enroll in Marketplace coverage any time of year. The health care law requires all people to have minimum essential coverage or pay a fee. American Indians, Alaska Natives, and people eligible for services through IHS, tribal programs, or urban Indian health programs can get an exemption to the fee by applying through the Marketplace or when filing their federal income tax return.


President's Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Proposal

The President's Fiscal Year 2016 budget proposes $20.9 billion, a $1.5 billion (8%) increase over the 2015 enacted level, across a wide range of federal programs that serve Tribes including education, social services, justice, health, infrastructure, and stewardship of land, water, and other natural resources.


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