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Transmittal Notice 98-06

TN 98-06


This transmittal forwards the Indian Health Manual, (IHM) Part 5, Chapter 8, "Travel Management."  This chapter establishes the Indian Health Service policies and procedures for the Travel Management Program and applies to all civilian and commissioned corps employees.  Section 5-8-11, "Relocation for Civil Service Employees," applies only to civil service employees.

/Michael H. Trujillo, M.D./
Michael H. Trujillo, M.D., M.P.H.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, Indian Health Service


IHM Part 5, Chapter 8, "Travel Management," pages 1-74 and the Table of Contents, pages i - v.


Indian Health Circulars as follows:  No. 92-15, "Administrative Leave in Conjunction With a Permanent Change of Station," dated October 9, 1992; No. 91-09, "Travel Approval of Area Office and Headquarters Management Staff," dated August 2, 1991; No. 91-06, "Frequent Traveler-Airline Promotional," dated May 21, 1991; No. 84-02, "IHS Policy for CIvil Service Employees Travel to Remote Villages within Alaska," dated February 17, 1984; No. 79-08, "Recorded 79-6 change to 79-6A (Pen and Ink Change to IHS Travel Manual Exhibit), dated November 19, 1979; No. 73-01, "Funding of Travel by Members of the National Indian Health Board," dated February 7, 1973; and No 62-19, "Operation of Private Planes by Division of Indian Health Personnel," dated November 27, 1962.  Special General Memoranda (SGM) 91-01, "ATM Cash Advance Policy," dated January 1, 1991; SGM 90-01, "SGM regarding:  Policy Governing Issuance of Limited Open Travel Authorizations," dated July 19, 1989; and SGM 89-02, "SGM regarding: Review and Processing of Travel Vouchers for Key Staff of IHS Area Offices," dated July 10, 1989.


Insert this new chapter in the section reserved for Part 5, Chapter 8, "Travel Management."  Make the revisions necessary for all superseded material.

Log and file the Transmittal Notice in numerical sequence.

Distribution:  Indian Health Service Mailing Key
Date:  October 8, 1998