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The Indian Health Service is the health care system for federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Natives in the United States Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving .

The policies, standards, and procedures that determine if you can get care at an Indian Health program are in the Indian Health Manual Part 2, Chapter 1. Specific questions about getting health care should be discussed with the tribe you belong to and the health facility which you are looking to get care from.

Once you know if you can receive care at an IHS facility, contact the facility's patient registration. They will discuss the registration process, any additional documentation you need to establish your medical record, and then schedule a medical appointment.

You may also be able to get care at tribal health programs based on the Tribe's agreement with IHS. You will have to contact these tribal health programs individually regarding health care being provided to a non-affiliated tribal member.

It is important to note that transportation (personal auto, ambulance, etc.) to and from the facility is your financial responsibility. Also, if you receive medical services provided by a non-IHS provider you are responsible for your own expenses.

To view a comprehensive map of all the IHS healthcare facilities, go to our Find Health Care website and search for a facility in your area.