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Information Systems Advisory Committee (ISAC)

The Information Systems Advisory Committee (ISAC) is established to guide the development of a co-owned and co-managed Indian health information infrastructure and information systems.  The ISAC will assist in ensuring that information systems are available, accessible, useful, cost-effective, user-friendly, and secure for local-level providers and that these systems continue to create standardized aggregate data that supports advocacy for the Indian health programs at the national level.  Recognizing that the health care delivery environment and information technologies that support it are rapidly changing, the ISAC will be flexible in interpreting the roles and rules of this document and revise them as necessary to best meet its goal.

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National Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee (NPTC)

The IHS National Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee (NPTC) is looked to by the Indian Health System as its primary resource for improving the value, quality, and access to medical care and pharmacotherapy.

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Heroin, Opioids and Pain Efforts Committee (HOPE)

The National Committee on Heroin, Opioids and Pain Efforts (HOPE) works to promote appropriate and effective pain management, reduce overdose deaths from heroin and prescription opioid misuse, and improve access to culturally appropriate treatment.

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