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Optometrist [Clinical]

Salary Range: $75,200 to $93,900 / Per Year
Open Period: 12/19/2016 to 11/15/2017
Summary: Our mission is to build and promote trust in all levels of our organization. Tohono O'odham tradition and culture provides the focus for all our efforts. Respect for employees, the public and our people is essential. United effort as one organization. Strategies to provide continuous improvement for our nation. Trust and transparency is built from focusing on all of these aspects of our mission statement.

The Optometrist provides diagnostic, preventative and/or therapeutic eye care services to the patients of the Tohono O'odham Nation Sells Hospital and health care centers.
Duties: • Provides direct care to patients in a responsible, respectful and caring manner in order to diagnose optometric/ocular problems through external and internal physical evaluation of the eye and surrounding tissues. • Independently provides comprehensive optometric services that consist of utilization of optometric procedures and instrumentation techniques in order to detect neuromuscular impairment or anomalies of binocular function. • Treats visual disorders through examination, prescription of corrective lenses, vision training and/or pharmacologic means. • Responsible for reviewing case histories of patients, analyzing visual functions, far acuity, near acuity, field of vision, depth of perception, ocular coordination, and color perception. • Uses objective and subjective methods for the detection of apparent ocular and systemic disease in the eyes and refers patients to the appropriate health professional upon the diagnosis of ocular manifestations of systemic disease. • Prescribes vision aids, contact and conventional lenses, and corrective eye exercises deemed necessary. • Provide optometric services that require the application of advanced instrumentation, procedures, and techniques in the detection and correction of unusual visual deficiencies. • Consults with the Ophthalmology staff and/or private Ophthalmologist and medical practitioners as warranted. • Records all patient care examinations, assessment, procedures and care plans in appropriate health records both electronically and manually in compliance with professional standards. • Provides guidance, direction and support to facilitate the functions of the entire eye care staff. • Follow Human Resources policies on EEO related matters. • Contributes to a team effort. • Performs other job related duties as assigned.
Qualifications: • Doctor of Optometry [O.D.] accredited by the Council on Optometric Education. Licenses, Certifications, Special Requirements: • Current License to practice optometry in a State, the District of Columbia, or a territory is required. • Upon recommendation for hire a criminal background and fingerprint check is required to determine suitability for hire. • Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license, [no DUIs or major traffic citations within the last three years]. • Must meet the Tohono O'odham Nation tribal employer's insurance requirements to receive a driver's permit to operate program vehicles. • Based on the department's needs, incumbents may be required to demonstrate fluency in both the Tohono O'odham Language and English as a condition of employment.
Work Type: Permanent, Full
Announcement #: 2097
Who May Apply? All Groups of Qualified Individuals
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