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Feedback Logo As part of our effort to improve RPMS and keep it relevant and useful, the Office of Information Technology has set up a process to collect feedback from users. Please complete the form below if you would like to make a comment about an RPMS Application or Suggest a Future Functionality.

Please do not use this form to ask for help on how to use RPMS. Your best resource for help on RPMS is your local site manager. Your best resource for help on the Electronic Health Record (EHR) is your local Clinical Applications Coordinator (CAC) or Super-User. If you enter feedback for an application problem, your message will be routed to the RPMS Help Desk. You are also invited to contact the Help Desk at (888) 830-7280.

We will attempt to acknowledge all requests and, although we cannot guarantee that all suggestions will become part of RPMS, we believe that your input is critical to the successful evolution of the system.

Thank you for contributing.

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