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Health Information Exchange (HIE)


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The goal of a Health Information Exchange (HIE) is to drive towards efficient exchange of patient data, so that a unified and holistic view of the patient's data is obtained. This allows providers of care to offer better services, due to the complete view of the patient's data.

HIE, as implemented at the IHS, enables IHS Cross-Facility health data exchange as well as health data exchange with external organizations over the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN). It also enables each IHS facility to maintain ownership and control over their patient data. It assists in meeting Meaningful Use criteria to exchange health information among providers and with patients to improve quality, safety, and efficiency of care, patient engagement, coordination of care and population health.

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) is designed to improve coordinated health care of the Native American population. It provides connectivity to internal facilities and external agencies for the secure exchange of relevant patient data.

This is important because it will enable an overall view of a patient's medical history that will:

  • Increase patient safety
  • Reduce medical errors and adverse events
  • Enhance decision-making
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness

HIE - Overview

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) provides connectivity to internal facilities and external agencies for the secure exchange of relevant patient data.


The Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) is a set of standards, services and policies that enable secure health information exchange over the Internet.

HIE Viewer

This Graphical User Interface (GUI) facilitates viewing of patient documents within the IHS HIE and/or the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN).


The Master Patient Index identifies patients across separate clinical, financial and administrative systems and is needed for information exchange to consolidate the patient list from the various RPMS databases.


The C32 is the Continuity of Care Document, the health care information and history of a patient or "Patient Summary", presented in the standard format for data exchange. The C32 software was placed in "general release" in June 2011 for hospitals and site facilities to meet Meaningful Use Incentive requirements.

Consumer Preferences

Patients can influence how their information is shared across the NwHIN once external sharing has begun.

Facilities - What does this mean to you and how do you get started?
You can participate in patient summary exchange with confidence that you are getting highly qualified matches of patient data utilizing current standards and technology and therefore the best opportunity for patient care based on the most complete picture possible.

To get started using the IHS HIE, please reach out to your local site manager.