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Collage of Native Veterans

Reimbursement Agreement Provides VA Funds for IHS Care for Native Veterans

The Indian Health Service and Veterans Affairs (VA) are working together to improve the health status of American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) veterans. In October 2010, an MOU between VA and IHS was renewed and signed to establish coordination, collaboration, and resource-sharing between VA and IHS.

On December 5, 2012, the agencies signed a reimbursement agreement allowing VA to financially compensate IHS for direct health care provided to AI/AN veterans that are part of the VA's system of patient enrollment.

The VA reimbursement includes direct care service provided in the medial benefits package available to veterans, including inpatient hospital, outpatient hospital and clinic, ambulatory surgical, and outpatient pharmacy services.

The IHS reimbursement agreement serves as a template for the VA to enter into similar partnerships with other facilities owned and operated by Tribes. Tribal Health Programs that are interested in establishing a reimbursement agreement with VA can learn more about initiation and implementation, eligibility and enrollment verification, and submitting claims at the VA through the VA's Chief Business Office Purchased Care Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving .