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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Garden Expo 2012 "Learn, Live, Grow"
May 1 , 2012
Description: Garden Expo 2012 “Learn, Live, Grow” Monday, April 30 at the Cibecue School Garden Tuesday, May 1 at the People’s Farm in Canyon Day 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Presentations and Workshops • Lasagna Garden Beds • Composting • Fruit Tree Care • Hopi Dry Farming • Water Harvesting • Seed Saving • Drip Irrigation • Apache Wild Foods • Quick Healthy Meals • Transplanting Seedlings Informational and Retail Booths • Native Seeds SEARCH: Seed orders • Crumbly Bread Company: Fresh baked bread • Lodestar Gardens: Fresh greens • Day Star Farm: Local produce • Cool Creek Ranch: Seedlings & Goat milk soap • Stargate Valley Farms: Baby goats • People’s Farm: Seedlings & Fruit trees • Healthy Hearts: Tomato planting, soaker hoses In partnership with: Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health, WMAT Hydrology Department, Food Distribution WMAT People’s Farm, I.H.S. Community Nutrition Department, Arizona Nutrition Network, Nohwike’Bagowa Museum,Apache Diabetes Wellness Center, Dishchii’bikoh Community School, and FoodCorps For more information contact Vanya Szabo or Kristin Lundgren at 338-5215
Registration Fee: Free
Who Should Attend: Everyone of all ages.
Location: Peoples Farm Canyon Day
West 8th street Cemetary Road
Whtieriver AZ 85941
Location Phone: (928) 338-5215
Contact Info: Justin Tafoya    (928) 338-4911

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