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Health Information Management (HIM)


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The mission of the Indian Health Service, Health Information Management (HIM) Program is dedicated to supporting the highest quality in management of health information that will benefit both patients and providers.

To accomplish this mission, our goals as the profession responsible for managing health information, is to emphasize teamwork and collaboration in serving the healthcare team to achieve excellence in quality of patient care.

It is the health information professional who maintains the overall knowledge and skills required for managing patient records; the healthcare information within the RPMS data systems; medical classification (coding) systems; flow of clinical information; the relationship of financial information to clinical data; security systems; and medico-legal issues which are based on statutory, regulatory or internal control requirements.


Quality healthcare through quality HIM services.

Indian Health Manual, Part 3, Chapter 3

The purpose of the Health Information Management (HIM) chapter is to establish policy, objectives, staff responsibilities, operating relationships, and standards relating to health record services in the Indian Health Service (IHS). The chapter also formally adopts the name change from Medical Records to Health Information Management. Health information professionals, health care providers, managers, and staff who are responsible for the creation, maintenance and disposition of health records shall adhere to the policies and procedures set forth in this chapter.