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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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     Indian Health Manual

Program Delegation #14

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     Indian Health Service
 Rockville MD 20857

Program #14

AUG 13 1999

TO: See Below

FROM: Director

SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority to Sign Indian Health Service Educational Loan Repayment Program Contracts

Authority Delegated

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Director, Indian Health Service by the Reorganization Order of January 4, 1988, (52 FR 47053), which elevated the Indian Health Service to a PHS Agency, I hereby delegate to the officials listed below, the authority under Section 108 of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act, as amended, to sign Indian Health Service Educational Loan Repayment Program (LRP) contracts.

To Whom Delegated Area Of Authority
Director of Headquarters Operations IHS-Wide
Director, Office of Management Support IHS-Wide
Area Directors (within specified fund limits) Respective Area

Authority to Redelegate

This authority may not be redelegated.

Special Restrictions Reporting Requirements on Delegation to Area Directors

This delegation of authority to each Area Director is not to exceed amounts identified on Attachment A.

Area Loan Repayment contracts must adhere to national priorities for health professions disciplines covered by the LRP.  Deviations from national priorities must be documented and submitted to the Loan Repayment Branch (LRB), Division of Health Professions Support (DHPS).

Area Directors will provide copies of LRP contracts to the LRB, DHPS, to be added to the overall LRP recipient listing.

Qualifications of applicants and verification of indebtedness will follow published Agency program guidelines.

Area Offices will be responsible for fund disbursements to recipients and tax reporting requirements.

Information and Guidance

Detailed guidance on default, debt management, and case management will be provided separately.


This delegation of authority supersedes Indian Health Manual Exhibit 1-5.1E, transmitted as TN 88.10 dated September 14, 1988.

Effective Date

This delegation is effective on date of signature.

/Michael H. Trujillo, M.D./
Michael H. Trujillo, M.D., M.P.H.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, Indian Health Service


Director of Headquarters Operations
Director, Office of Management Support
Area Directors


Attachment A

The table below represents amounts authorized to be obligated for each Area office for Loan Repayment contracts consistent with this delegation of authority. The source of funds to be used by each Area Office for such contracts will be identified by each Area and reported to the IHS Division of Health Professions Support/Loan Repayment Branch, in order to comply with Agency reprogramming guidelines. Non-appropriated funds will not be used for this purpose.

Aberdeen $348,300
Alaska $541,800
Albuquerque $116,100
Bemidji $348,300
Billings $193,500
California $154,800
Nashville $116,100
Navajo $928,800
Oklahoma $348,300
Phoenix $503,100
Portland $232,200
Tucson $77,400
Headquarters $11,610
Total $3,920,310

The above distribution is based on the actual number of matched and unfunded applicants in the LRP pool as of August 10, 1999.

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