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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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     Indian Health Manual

Exhibit A

Format For Pre-Trip Staff Paper




January 25, 1963

TO: See list below

FROM: Chief, Environmental Sanitation Branch, Division of Indian Health

SUBJECT: Pre-Trip Staff Paper


  1. Window Rock - To participate in meeting of Navajo sanitation staff relative to current and future program.

  2. Albuquerque - To meet with BIA Branch of Plant Design and Construction staff relative to sanitation problem at BIA schools in Alaska.

  3. Albuquerque - To confer with Area and Field office staff relative to sanitation matters.

  4. Sandia Pueblo - To participate in Sanitarian Aide Training Course.

  5. Phoenix - To confer with Area staff on environmental health matters.

  6. San Francisco - To confer with Regional Office staff and to visit University of California relative to recruitment and to confer with DIH engineer attending University.


Dr. McCammon, Mr. A. L. Platz and staff
Mr. J. A. Anderegg, Mr. R. W. Mize and staff
Dr. Zobel, Dr. McIntyre, Mr. G. Quist, Mr. A. H. Johnson
Mr. J. H. Lair and class
Dr. Baum, Mr. R. P. Morfitt and staff
Mr. R. W. Hart and others in Regional Office
Mr. Thomas Hushower


January 29 - Arrive in Albuquerque 9:35 PM
30 - Travel to Gallup 12:05 - 1:03 PM
30- PM Attend sanitation meeting at Window Rock
31- Attend sanitation meeting at Window Rock

February 1- Attend sanitation meeting at Window Rock
2 - Return to Albuquerque 4:46 - 5:37 PM
3 - Confer with Mr. J. A. Anderegg
4 - Meet with BIA Branch of Plant Design and Construction
5 - AM Confer with Area Office staff
5 - PM Travel to Phoenix 7:10 - 9:48 PM
6 - Confer with Dr. Baum--Mr. R. P. Morfitt and staff
7 - Confer with sanitation staff
7- PM Travel to San Francisco 4:10 - 4:55 PM
8 - AM Confer with Regional Office staff
8 - PM Confer with Mr. Hushower - Berkeley
9 - Return to Washington, D.C. 9:05 AM - 4:52 PM


Please inform me of any comments related to this trip which you may have by notation and return to me before noon January 29.

 Albert H. Stevenson 
Sanitary Engineer Director 


Indian Health Area Director, Albuquerque Area office Indian Health Area Director, Phoenix Area Office
MOC, Albuquerque Field Office
MOC, Window Rock Field Office
Regional Office, San Francisco - Attn: Mr. R. W. Hart
Headquarters Branch Chiefs
Dr. Wagner
Dr. Shinnick
Mr. Strong
Mr. Chadwick
Mr. Gerard
Mr. Michael
Mrs. Nowak
Mr. J. H. Lair
Mr. M. A. Getz
Mr. T. Hushower

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