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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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     Indian Health Manual

Transmittal Notice 67-75

TN 67- 75


In the reorganization of the PHS which became effective January 1, 1967 various organizational titles used in the Division of Indian Health Manual were changed.

Part 1, Chapter 1 has been revised in accordance with these changes, and wherever the following titles appear in the rest on the manual they will be construed to be as shown below:

Bureau of Medical Services - Bureau of Health Services.

Chief, Division of Indian Health - Director, Division of Indian Health.

Deputy Chief, Division of Indian Health - Deputy Director, Division of Indian Health.

Division of Indian Health Field Office - DIH Sub-Area Office.

Medical Officer in Charge, Indian Health Area Office - Indian Health Area Director.

/Signature for,/
E.S. Rabeau, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General
Chief, Division of Indian Health


Part 1, Chapter 1, Indian Health Manual.


Part 1, Chapter 1, Pages 1 thru 4, TN-1.


Discard the superseded material and file attached material in its place.

Distribution:  P-ABCDG under d and B, C under d
Date:  July 27, 1967
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