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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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     Indian Health Manual

Transmittal Notice 69-07

TN 69-07


This transmittal forwards additions to Part I, Chapter 3, Indian Health Program.  Recent legislation has increased the functions of the Indian Health Service to provide (1) Services to Federal employees in remote locations and (2) Medical and dental care to natives of the Pribilof Islands.  Excerpts from the Public Laws providing these services are being added as exhibits to Part I, Chapter 3, Section 3 - General Authority, for easy reference.  Additions to chapter are noted by vertical lines in the margin.

/Signature for/
E.S. Rabeau, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, Indian Health Service


Part I, Chapter 3, Pages 3 and 4.
Exhibits l-3.3(4) and l-3.3(5)


Part I, Chapter 3, Page 3,
TN No. 43 dated 10/4/63.


  1. Part II, Chapter 4, Page 19, Section 2-4.7 second paragraph, first line - change Section 342 to Section 324.

  2. Number the transmittal forwarding an addition to Chapter 5, Part I, Delegations of Authority, 69.5 and date it 4/8/69.  Add this information at the bottom of page 2 of that transmittal also.


Discard superseded material and file attach pages in its place.
File Exhibits in proper section.

Distribution:  P-ABCDG under d and B, C under d
Date:  May 21, 1969

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