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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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     Indian Health Manual

Transmittal Notice 74-03

TN 74-03


Section 3-11.4G(2) now provides that home surveys are to be performed at each home biennially and are to be updated at the completion of P.L. 86-121 projects and other specific activities.  This issuance revises the frequency requirement for home surveys.

/Emery A. Johnson, M.D./
Emery A. Johnson, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, Indian Health Service


Revised Indian Health Manual, Part 3, Chapter 11, Environmental Health Services, Page 21, Home Surveys.


Environmental Health Services Part 3, Chapter 11, page 21, Section 3-11.4G(2)a, Home Surveys.


Remove superseded material and file the attached in the Environmental Health Services Manual, Part 3, Chapter 11, Page 21.

Distribution:  HSM 102-105; HSM 107-108; HSM 111 thru 118 - Tab d
Date:  April 17, 1974

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