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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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     Indian Health Manual

Organizational Chart:

IHS Headquarters Office of Finance and Accounting
(with Office and Division Director Names and
Standard Administrative Code)

Indian Health Service Headquarters
Office of Finance and Accounting
Organizational Chart
Office, Divisions, Names, Titles, and Standard Administrative Code

Approved September 09, 2016
by Ann Church

Standard Administrative Code = SAC

Office/Division Name/Title
Office of Finance and Accounting (SAC: GAK) Ann Church, Acting Director
Office of Finance and Accounting Christopher Porter, Deputy Director
Division of Audit (SAC: GAKA) Susan Blair, Director
Division of Budget Formulation (SAC: GAKB) Rosetta Tracy, Director
Division of Budget Execution (SAC: GAKC) Deloria Curfman, Director
Division of Systems Review and Procedures (SAC: GAKD) Jeffrey Curfman, Director
Division of Financial Operations (SAC: GAKE) Darlene Bear, Acting Director

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