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Part 3, Chapter 3: Manual Exhibit 3-3-A

Comparison of Update, Administrative Correction,
Addenda, and Amendment Requests

Update Administrative Codes Addendum Amendment
An update is current information entered in place of existing data.  Data meant to be frequently updated is considered transient. Administrative correction is corrective action by administrative personnel with the authority to correct health information previously captured by or in error. Addendum is the inclusion of additional information to the source document. Amendment is alteration of health information by modification, correction, addition, or deletion.  Any data contained in IHS patient records may be amended by request.
Transient data is solicited from the patient.  Solicited updates are updates to transient data that are requested of patients by various IHS organizations on a periodic basis.

A patient may initiate an update without being solicited.

Administrative corrections include factual and transient data entered in error or inadvertently omitted.

Administrative corrections are not initiated by the patient.

Addenda clarify information in the source document by adding details or information that was omitted from the original document.

An addendum is not initiated by the patient.

Amendment/Correction requests must be submitted in writing by the patient, stating explicitly what information is in dispute and why; inaccurate, erroneous, irrelevant, untimely, or incomplete.

Addresses a dispute a patient has about information in the patient's permanent health record.

  Solicitations from mail outs, registration activities, means test requirements, etc.

An address change

  Progress note entered on wrong patients charts.

  Placing lab value in the wrong record.

  Transcription typing the wrong word or diagnosis

  An Attending adds information on the physical exam omitted by the Resident.

  A nurse indicates education was provided, omitted from the original document.

  Signed (legally binding) subjective comments or interpretations found in:

Progress Note
Discharge Summary
History and Physical
Consult Note