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IHS Health Manual

The Indian Health Manual (IHM) is the reference for IHS employees regarding IHS-specific policy and procedural instructions. The IHM consist of permanent policies, procedure, and operating standards specific and unique to IHS administrative and program operations. The policy is located in Part 3, Professional Services, Chapter 18, Alcohol Substance Abuse.


This Chapter establishes general policy, staff responsibilities, operating relationships, standards, and guidelines for the development of alcoholism/substance abuse treatment and prevention services supported or administered by Indian Health Service (IHS).


In accordance with the IHS goal of elevating the health status of the AI/AN to the highest level possible, the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Branch (ASAB) will attempt to lower the incidence and prevalence of alcohol abuse and alcoholism among American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) people to a level at or below that of the general U.S. population within a 15-year period.

ASAB will assist AI/AN groups through school/community-based planning to establish effective programs of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation for persons suffering from or afflicted with problems arising from alcoholism/substance abuse. Included is the development of Youth Regional Treatment Centers in each IHS Area.