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Our clinicians recognize the unique opportunities that an Indian health career provides and are committed to practicing in a variety of environments. Our state-of-the-art facilities can be found in rural health stations – sometimes located off the beaten path – as well as in urban clinics and hospital settings. The fulfillment of providing much-needed clinical care to a deserving and appreciative patient base is evident as our physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and other health professionals bring enthusiasm and instill a sense of comraderie among their fellow practitioners and the communities they serve.

Within this site, you will learn about the breadth and depth of career opportunities in Indian health. Aside from experiencing it firsthand, nothing compares to hearing all that an Indian health career entails and offers, as confirmed by the testimonials of Indian health clinicians living and working the life.

Some of what you hear will undoubtedly sound familiar, as you already share a motivation for helping people. But listen between the lines and you will begin to understand the passion displayed by clinicians who choose to serve the American Indian and Alaska Native community. If this "reality check" sparks the passion within you, then yours is the next move to make.

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