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Dental Clinic: Nimkee Memorial Health Center

A picture of the facility, if available.

Geographic Information
Location: MT. PLEASANT, MI
Type of Program: Tribal
Tribe/Nation: Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe
Staffing / Clinic Size
Year Clinic was built (or remodeled): 1999
Number of dental operatories: 8
Types of referral services: Oral Surgery, Endo, Pediatrics, Perio
Total dental clinic staffing: 11
Clinic Specifics / About The Area
Number of clinic patients (users): 3743
Nearest city with > 50,000 people & distance: Lansing [60 miles] or Saginaw [60 miles]
Airports serving the area & distance: Lansing [60 miles] or Saginaw [60 miles]
Housing Options: all types
Distance from clinic to nearest residential area: 1
Distance to nearest schools: 1
Recreational opportunities in the immediate area: Extensive parks, lots of outdoor activities. The Soaring Eagle, a five star hotel and casino, is owned and operated by the Saginaw-Chippewa Indian Tribe. Opportunities for many different types of outdoor recreation are nearby.



Mailing Address:


Street Address:

Address:2591 S. LEATON ROAD

About Nimkee Memorial Health Center

The Nimkee Dental Clinic is a Tribal 638 Program, general dentistry clinic, located in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. We service Saginaw Chippewa Tribal members, their direct descendents, and members of other Federally recognized tribes that live in our service counties. Rural and urban life are combined. Mt. Pleasant is home to Central Michigan University. The Nimkee Dental Clinic is a full-service, state of the art dental facility equipped with Dentrix [Electronic Dental Record] and digital radiography. Three full-time dentists, two full-time hygienists, one part-time hygienist and seven support staff are available to provide full-scope general dental services, including preventative, restorative, oral surgery, periodontal, endodontic and prosthetic services. Referrals to dental specialists are available for eligible members who present with situations not able to be treated in our facility. A limited orthodontics program is also available for eligible candidates. A dental exam is recommended yearly for everybody, with or without teeth, beginning by age one. Outreach services include education at tribal schools and community health fairs.

 Facility Staff  Nimkee Memorial Health Center  
 Name Position Contact Info
Laura Lund DIRECTOR TRIBAL DENTAL PROGRAM Phone: 989-775-4611
E-Mail: llund@sagchip.org
Debra Meacham TRIBAL DENTIST Phone: 989-775-4698
E-Mail: dmeacham@sagchip.org
Ona Erdt STAFF DENTIST Phone: 989-775-4609
E-Mail: oerdt@sagchip.org
Rochelle Roberts DENTAL HYGIENIST Phone: 989-775-4610
E-Mail: rroberts@sagchip.org
Mykala Strzelecki DENTAL HYGIENIST Phone: 989-775-4610
E-Mail: Mykala.Strzelecki@ihs.gov
Misty Davis DENTAL HYGIENIST (PART TIME) Phone: 989-775-4610
E-Mail: @ihs.gov
Julie Ulch DENTAL ASSISTANT (CDA) Phone: 989-775-4610
E-Mail: julch@sagchip.org
Monica Richer DENTAL ASSISTANT Phone: 989-775-4610
E-Mail: MRICHER@Sagchip.org
Elizabeth Simon DENTAL ASSISTANT (RDA) Phone: 989-775-4610
E-Mail: esimon@sagchip.org
Annette Plarske DENTAL ASSISTANT Phone: 989-775-4610
E-Mail: annettesue1@yahoo.com
Andrea Mayer DENTAL RECEPTIONIST Phone: 989-775-4657
E-Mail: amayer@sagchip.org

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