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Facility Name: MAGDALENA
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Mailing Address:

PO Box 907

Street Address:

Highway 169, Mile Marker 29


Located on the edge of the Cibola National Forest, at the base of the Magdalena Mountains in central New Mexico. The nearest city is Socorro located 26 miles to the east, Magdalena’s population reflects the community’s unique history as a mining town and as one of the largest cattle shipping centers west of Kansas City. Its nickname, “Trail’s End,” is an enduring reminder that for nearly 70 years [1890s-1960s] Magdalena was the end of the trail for cattle drives originating from Arizona to southern Colorado. Today the community’s principal industries consists of education the federal government in the form of the National Forest Service the National Radio and Astronomy Observatory, which operates the Very Large Array [the worlds largest radio telescope] located on the San Augustine plains 25 miles west of Magdalena the Bureau of Indian Affairs which operates a charter school and Indian Health Services clinic on the Alamo Navajo Indian reservation and, finally ranching. The public school district is the largest employer. The Alamo Navajo reservation is located 29 miles north of Magdalena, and is a vital part of the community at large. Although Alamo is a Chapter of the Navajo Nation, it is located approximately 200 miles southeast of the largest reservation in Arizona. Because of their isolation, the Alamo people have maintained a unique traditional and linguistic heritage. The Alamo band is the only living Native American group who is a blend of Navajo and Apache tribes. The Alamo dialect [Navajo] predominates in the homes and in all tribal government, religious, social, and cultural interactions.

Geographic Information
Type of Program: Tribal
Tribe/Nation: Navajo
Staffing / Clinic Size
Year Clinic was built (or remodeled): 1972
Number of dental operatories: 3
Types of referral services: Oral Surgery Ortho [Medicaid]
Total dental clinic staffing: 7
Clinic Specifics / About The Area
Number of clinic patients (users): 2072
Nearest city with > 50,000 people & distance: Albuquerque 100 miles
Airports serving the area & distance: Albuquerque International Sunport
Housing Options: As of December 2009, Magdalena has a average listing price for homes for sale of $316,709. The Socorro county average currently is $248,584. The current number of properties on the market in Magdalena is 18. The Magdalena median listing price is $203,229
Distance from clinic to nearest residential area: 30
Distance to nearest schools: 12
Recreational opportunities in the immediate area: Recreational activities include hiking, camping, horseback riding, mountain biking, rock climbing, hunting, and four-wheeling.

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