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Evaluation Contract

The Division of Planning, Evaluation, and Research (DPER) already has an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract available to help you complete your evaluation. This page provides an overview of the main components of the DPER IDIQ Contract and guidance to ensure you include the required information. 


  • DPER provides:
    • COR for IDIQ
    • COR for all Task Orders
  • Programs provide:
    • Program expertise
    • Any available internal evaluation expertise or materials
    • Grantee data, as needed
    • Funding
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA):
    • General agreement between Vendor and IHS to follow HIPA regulations
    • Program-Specific Data Use Agreements, as required

Types of Evaluations

  • Feasibility, Pilot and Evaluation Projects
    • Developing tools to increase fidelity
    • Determining if a treatment/intervention/model will work as intended or can be replicated 
    • Informing general decision-making
  • Statistical Projects
    • Sampling designs and statistical methods
    • Acquiring, developing and managing national databases
    • Analyzing of national datasets or complex quantitative data
    • Developing, implementation and testing of quality tools
  • Health Systems Analysis, Economics, and Financing
    • Analyzing strengths, gaps, or effectiveness
    • Identifying trends, clarifying funding priorities, or developing new approaches
  • Technical Assistance and Training
    • Establishing and maintaining a technical assistance and training prgram
    • Developing technical assistance and training materials and mechanisms
    • Providing technical assistance and training

Standard Deliverables

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Weekly or monthly project meetings (as needed)
  • Monthly Reporting:

Other Deliverables

  • Work Plan
  • Methodology Plan
  • Debriefing with IHS/Program
  • Draft & Final Evaluation Reports

Other DPER IDIQ Required Information