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The Division of Planning, Evaluation, and Research

Division of Planning, Evaluation, and Research

The Division of Planning, Evaluation, and Research (DPER):

  • Coordinates agency strategic planning and aligns these efforts with performance reporting, budgeting, and program integrity activities;
  • Leads health planning efforts including support of Area master plans, facilities and staff plans, and collaboration with Area and Tribal Planning Officers;
  • Provides guidance on program evaluation to health programs with a focus on systems and performance improvement;
  • Supports the use of data and evidence in health system improvement and management decision-making;
  • Identifies and supports the evaluation of novel strategies leading to accessible, effective, and culturally appropriate care; and
  • Supports health research nationally, including human subject research protections and research related to health problems and the delivery of care to American Indian and Alaska Native people.

3rd Annual National Native Health Research Training Conference

Join this important discussion on the state of Native health and health care research: share your research; explore findings on innovations and partnerships; help identify and fill key gaps in Native health research. For detailed information go to: Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving