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If you are having a health emergency DIAL 911
  • If you receive medical services provided by a non-IHS provider you may be responsible for your own expenses.
  • Transportation (personal auto, ambulance, etc.) to and from the facility may be your financial responsibility.
Note: Before traveling to any facility listed on this website, call to ensure that the services you need can be provided to you.

This map can be used to find an Indian Health Service, Tribal or Urban Indian Health Program facility. This map can be used to:

  • Zoom in to a general location to see if there is a facility in that region.
  • Enter your current location in the form to see the facilities available.
  • Find a specific facility by selecting the "Facility Information" tab and typing in the name of the facility that you are trying to find.

If you are unable to locate services through this locator, please head over to the HRSA Health Center locatorExit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  to see if there are available services for you outside the IHS, Tribal or Urban Indian Health Programs found here.

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Facility Information

Choose facility types(advanced):

A permanent facility which contains inpatient beds, organized staff including physician services, continuous nursing services and that provides comprehensive health care including diagnosis and treatment.
A facility, physically separated from a hospital, with a full range of ambulatory services including physician services, nursing, pharmacy, laboratory, and x-ray. Services are available at least 40 hours per week for ambulatory care.
A healthcare facility where direct and/or contract dental services are provided.
A healthcare facility where behavioral health care is provided.
Dental Clinic
Behavioral Health
Behavioral Health
Health Center
Health Center

Download a spreadsheet [Excel] of all the data available from the locator. If you don't find a facility you believe should be present OR find incorrect information, please let us know, as soon as possible. To view other interactive maps, please visit the Visualizing Data website.