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baby breast feeding

Breastfeeding is a healthy choice for many reasons. Here is what breastfeeding can mean for you, your baby, your family, and your community:

For Your Baby

  • Less common illnesses, such as fewer ear infections, diarrhea, pneumonia, colds, or flu
  • Little or no constipation
  • Less risk of obesity and weight problems when your baby is older
  • Less risk of diabetes when your baby is older
  • More bonding time for baby and mom.
  • Perfect nutrition
pregnant mother

For Yourself (Mom)

  • Less chance of losing too much blood after your baby is born
  • Less bleeding after baby
  • Uterus will shrink quicker – so your stomach will be flatter sooner
  • Possible delayed return of monthly periods
  • Possible weight loss
  • Easy night time feedings – no bottles to prepare
  • More bonding time with baby
children laying on grass

For Your Family

  • Less illnesses shared among family members
  • Save money by not buying formula
  • Save money by not needing extra doctor visits and medicine
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Your Community

  • Less illnesses shared in the community
  • Less time off from work or school because of illness
  • Fewer health dollars spent on illness
Woman breastfeeding baby

The Future

  • Less diabetes and fewer weight problems
  • Fewer health dollars spend on long term problems like diabetes and other weight related problems
  • Healthier American Indian/Alaska Native people

Breastfeeding logoHave General Questions and Want to Talk to Someone?
National Breastfeeding Helpline Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving : 800-994-9662
Indian Health Service:  877-868-9473 (877-TOT-WISE)