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Action Calendar

Public Health Service
Division of Indian Health
Silver Spring, Maryland


Effective Date: September 2, 1964


  1. PURPOSE.  To establish the procedures for the preparation and issuance of an Action Calendar listing dates requiring action by Headquarters and Area staff concerned.

  2. BACKGROUND.  On a number of occasions the Area Offices have had conflicting requirements imposed upon them by the Headquarters Office.  To minimize such conflicts and to permit better planning by the Area Office on those matters requiring action, a Headquarters Action Calendar has been established.  The Area Office will also prepare an Action Calendar which will assist the Headquarters staff in planning field trips or recommending requirements for the field staff.

  3. DATES LISTED ON CALENDAR.  All major requests by Headquarters for action or participation of the Area Offices, and meetings of Headquarters and Area Branch staff members will be listed in the Action Calendar for Headquarters.
    1. The Calendar for Headquarters will list the following:
      1. Dates for meetings of Area and Headquarters Branch staff members
      2. Dates for submission of Area budget estimates
      3. Dates for submission of Area deficiency bulletin
      4. Dates for submission of Area Program plans
      5. Dates for Advisory and Professional Committees meeting dealing with Indian health program
      6. Dates for other Headquarters imposed request requiring action involving various disciplines and Branches in the Area Office.
    2. The Calendar for Headquarters will not list the following
      1. Dates for submission of Monthly Reports of various types
      2. Dates for submission of recurring reports to be prepared by Branches except as indicated in 3A above.
    3. The Calendar for the Area offices will list the dates for all Area Office sponsored meetings, conferences, workshops and training sessions involving the Area Office and Service Unit personnel.

    1. Headquarters

      All major Headquarters requests for action being submitted to the Areas will be routed through the Management Appraisal Office for review.  A request is considered major when a majority of the disciplines and Branches of the Area Office are involved in meeting the requirements of Headquarters.

      The Management Appraisal Office will be responsible for coordinating these requests and will from time to time issue indicated a revised Action Calendar reflecting any additions or changes.

    2. Area Office

      The Area Office will submit to Headquarters twenty-five copies or the Area Action Calendar of any revision of such Calendar.

/Carruth J. Wagner, M.D./
Carruth J. Wagner, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General
Chief, Division of Indian health

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