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Routing of Commissioned Officer Efficiency Reports

Public Health Service
Division of Indian Health
Silver Spring, Maryland


Effective Date: April 29, 1965


  1. PURPOSE.  To establish procedures and assignment of responsibilities for the routing of Commissioned Officer Efficiency Reports.

  2. POLICY.  To improve the routing of Commissioned Officer Efficiency Reports and to ensure review by like categorical specialty, each Headquarters Category (Program) Branch (or Office) will be responsible for receipt and processing within Division Headquarters the Commissioned Officer Efficiency Reports for the personnel of their category.

  3. ASSIGNMENTS.  Following are the specific assignments of responsibility at Headquarters for the designated categories of Commissioned Officers:

    Responsible Headquarters Office Area and Service Unit Personnel
    Nursing Services Branch Nurses (exclusive of Nurse Anesthetists)
    Dental Branch Dentists
    Pharmacy Branch Pharmacists
    Medical Social Services Branch Health Services Officers (Medical Social Workers)
    Health Education Branch Health Services Officers (Health Educators)
    Contract Medical Care Officer Contract Medical Care Officers
    Health Records Branch Health Services Officers (Health Records Librarians)
    Hospital Services Officer Health Services Officers (Hospital Administration)
    Training Branch Director of Training, Training Officers
    Office of Environmental Health Sanitarians and Engineers (exclusive of Director of Training and Training Officers in these categories
    Office of Program Planning and Evaluation Program Planning Officers
    Professional Assignment and Training Branch Physicians, Nurse Anesthetists, Medical Technologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists
    Nutrition and Dietetics Branch Nutritionists and Dietitians
    Office of the Division Chief Indian Health Area Directors, Deputy Indian Health Area Directors, Assistant Indian Health Area Directors, Area Executive Officers
    Responsible Headquarters Office Headquarters Personnel
    Chief of Office Branch Chiefs
    Headquarters Branch Chiefs Assistant Branch Chiefs and other Headquarters branch personnel
    Office of the Division Chief Chief of Offices

    1. All Commissioned Officer Efficiency Reports (except special confidential promotion reports) prepared and initiated by the Area will be submitted by categorical specialty to the Division Chief, Attention:  Chief, Professional Assignment and Training who will in turn distribute the reports to the responsible Branch (or Office) Chief as indicated in Section 3 above.

      Reports prepared in Headquarters will be submitted directly to the responsible Branch (or Office) as indicated in Section 3 above.

    2. The Branch (or Office) will log in the Commissioned Officer Efficiency Reports and will be responsible for the receipt in Headquarters of all required reports for personnel in categorical specialty.
    3. The Branch (or Office) Chief will note comments on page 4 under "Space for Comments by Additional Officers Reviewing Reports" and will sign or initial his name after his comments.
    4. The Branch (or Office) will route the Commissioned Officer Efficiency Reports to either the Office Chief or Office of Division Chief as appropriate.  If the Report is routed to the Office Chief, he will make his comments under the Branch Chiefs' or sign or initial his name and forward the Commissioned Officers Efficiency Report to the Office of Division Chief.
    5. The Office of Division Chief will add appropriate comments and sign the Commissioned Officer Efficiency Report.
    6. Commissioned Officer Efficiency Reports will be returned to the responsible Headquarters Branch (or Office) for preparation of appropriate transmittal memorandum for forwarding to the Chief, Professional Assignment and Training.
    7. The Chief, Professional Assignment and Training will prepare the necessary covering memoranda and forward the Reports to the Bureau Chief.

  5. SPECIAL REPORTS.  The above procedure does not affect the special confidential promotion reports which will be submitted directly by the Area (Service Unit) to the Office of Personnel.

/Carruth J. Wagner, M.D./
Carruth J. Wagner, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General
Chief, Division of Indian health

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