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Circular 95-19 Appendix 95-19-B


TO: Regional Health Administrator
Region _____

FROM: Director

SUBJECT: Designation of Fund Control Responsibilities

In accordance with the Administrative Control of Funds and Budget Execution Policy contained in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-34; Chapter 2-10 of the Departmental Accounting Policy Manual, and the Indian Health Service (IHS) Administrative Control of Funds Policy, you are hereby designated as the official recipient of IHS Advices of Allowance (Allowee) for the Region ______.  Accordingly, you are responsible for the implementation and/or execution of the IHS Administrative Control of Funds Policy within Region ______.

The Advices of Allowance issued by the IHS Headquarters East, delegates obligational authority in the amounts and for the purposes specified thereon.  In the capacity of an Allowee, you may act for and are responsible to the Director, IHS, as the Allottee, for administering the funds in accordance with the stated purposes of the Allowance and for conforming to any limitations of law or other restrictions as noted thereon.  You are not authorized to further subdivide the allowances to Region ______.  If further subdivision of the Allowance is desired, you must obtain approval from the Director, IHS, prior to implementation and execution of such an action.

You are subject to administrative discipline for any violation of the terms of the Allowance; however, if a violation occurs and causes the related Allotment to be over-obligated or over-disbursed, you shall also be subject to the provisions of the Anti-deficiency Act.

You are also responsible for the following:

  1. As applicable, for the implementation and/or execution of the IHS Administrative Control of Funds Policy.
  2. Ensuring that each employee assigned to the Regional Office, who has a role or responsibility in the IHS fund control processes is informed of his/her responsibilities in writing.
  3. Ensuring that all requests from IHS Headquarters for information in support of the IHS apportionment process is provided to the requesting IHS official.
  4. Ensuring that all employees are informed that any employee who is aware of an apparent fund control violation, either legal or administrative, should report the apparent violation in writing in accordance with the IHS Administrative Control of Funds Policy.

Effective Date

This designation of responsibilities is effective on the date that this memorandum is signed by the Director, IHS.

(Insert IHS Director signature block here.)

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