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Training Nomination and Authorization Documents Created Using the Administrative Resources Management System

Public Health Service
Indian Health Service
Rockville, Maryland 20852

Refer to: OAM


Effective Date:  09/27/1996


  1. PURPOSE.  This is to inform Indian Health Service (IHS) employees of supplemental information that must accompany each training nomination and authorization form that is created using the Administrative Resources Management System (ARMS) Training Nomination and Authorization component, Such information is not currently generated automatically or available on-line in the ARMS as part of the training form but must be printed for IHS use or for mailing to vendors.

  2. BACKGROUND.  The IHS Training Nomination and Authorization component in the ARMS has been approved for implementation throughout the IHS.  This capability allows for the electronic processing of training documents from the point of initiation to actual authorization for requested training.  The ARMS training form, created with input from the Area training officers, has been assigned form number IHS-844 and is available for use in lieu of form number HHS-350, "Training Nomination and Authorization."

  3. POLICY.  The ARMS Training Nomination and Authorization component must be utilized at IHS Headquarters and at each IHS Area office where it is installed and operational.  Until the supplemental information to the electronic training form is available in ARMS, each printed form IHS-844 must include the attachments prescribed in section 4 of this Circular.

  4. SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION.  Circular Exhibits 96-07-A and 96-07-B must be copied and used as follows:
    1. Purchase Order Terms and Conditions and Payments and Billing Instructions:

      This information is attached as Circular Exhibit 96-07-A and must be copied and attached to all printed forms IHS-844 before they are mailed or otherwise delivered to training vendors.  It incorporates, by reference, the statutory requirements for IHS to acquire training.

    2. Employee's Agreement to Continue in Service:

      This information is attached as Circular Exhibit 96-07-B, and must be copied when the employee training covers 80 or more work hours.  Refer to the existing IHS training policies and procedures for the appropriate use of this information.

    An electronic copy of each of these documents is available on request from the Chief, Career Development and Training Branch (CDTB), Division of Personal Management, Office of Human Resources, IHS Headquarters, for Area offices to print good quality copies as needed.

    1. Changes to the electronic form IHS-844.  The form IHS-844 is established in the ARMS for use IHS-wide.  Requests for changes to the form must be submitted to the Chief, CDTB.  The Chief, CDTB, will coordinate review of each request with the Chair, ARMS Workgroup, to determine if the changes are appropriate for use IHS-wide.  Area training officers will have an opportunity to review and concur with the proposed changes to the form.  Only the Associate Director, Office of Administration and Management (OAM), can approve changes that are recommended by the Chief, CDTB, and the Chair, ARMS Workgroup.  Staff in the Office of Information Resources Management (OIRM) may not effect changes to the form IHS-844 prior to receiving written approval from the Associate Director, OAM.
    2. Training policy and procedures.  Headquarters and Area office employees should direct questions regarding training policies and procedures to their Area Training Officer.
    3. ARMS conversion problem.  Area offices that experience problems converting to the ARMS automated training form should contact the Chief, Systems Implementation, Review, and Analysis Branch, Division of Resources Management, OAM.
    4. ARMS Training Nomination and Authorization Component.  The OIRM, Headquarters West, has developed written instructions on how to process training documents in the ARMS.  Headquarters and Area offices' staff should contact staff in the division of Systems Development, OIRM, Headquarters West, for a copy of the instructions.  The training component user instructions will be incorporated into the ARMS User Manual in the near future.

  6. SUPERSEDURE.  Indian Health Service Circular No. 96-01, dated February 7, 1996.

  7. EFFECTIVE DATE.  This circular is effective upon date of signature by the Director, IHS.

/Michael H. Trujillo, M.D./
Michael H. Trujillo, M.D., M.P.H.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, Indian Health Service

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