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Charter, National Council of Executive Officers

Public Health Service
Indian Health Service
Rockville, Maryland 20857

Refer to: OMS/MPSS


Effective Date:  02/07/2001


  1. Purpose.  The purpose of this Circular is to establish the Indian Health Service (IHS), National Council of Executive Officers (NCEO).  The purpose of the NCEO will be to advise the Director, IHS, on all IHS administrative and management matters, including initiating and reviewing proposed IHS policies, procedures, guidelines, and instructions.

  2. The NCEO Charter Membership consists of:
    1. Director, Office of Management Support (OMS)
    2. Executive Officer, Office of the Director (OD)
    3. Executive Officer, OMS
    4. Executive Officer, Office of Public Health (OPH)
    5. Area Executive Officers (12)
    6. Managers and/or their designated staff may be invited to participate in quarterly meetings and monthly conference calls of the NCEO and to provide support and assistance to the NCEO, including the sharing of information, providing staff support, and following up on NCEO decisions, actions, and activities.  The invitees may include the following:
      1. Office Directors, OMS, OPH
      2. Division Directors, OMS, OPH

  3. The NCEO Officers are:
    1. Chairperson.  Area Executive Officer elected by a 2/3 majority of the members of the NCEO.  Serves a 1-year term from July 1 through June 30.
    2. Vice Chairperson.  Area Executive Officer elected by a 2/3 majority of the members of the NCEO.  Serves a 1-year term concurrent with Chair and automatically assumes the Chair on July 1.

  4. Role of the NCEO:
    1. Develop a Management Work Plan, review annually and revise as needed, present the plan and revisions to the Executive Leadership Group (ELG) of the Indian Health Leadership Council (IHLC) for review and approval.
    2. Track and take action on problems identified through assessment processes to insure their resolution.
    3. Ensure the information obtained from workgroup activities is shared within the organization, as appropriate.

  5. Committees.  The NCEO will charter standing committees to carry out its work and may establish ad hoc committees to perform specific projects or tasks.
    1. Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee is a permanent standing committee of the NCEO and is organized and charged as follows:
      1. The Steering Committee will consist of five Charter members.
      2. Two members will be elected from the Charter membership of the NCEO.
      3. One member of the Committee shall be one of the Headquarters Executive Officers identified in item (2) above.
      4. Terms of office will not exceed 2 years.  Members may serve more than one term.
      5. The fourth and fifth members of the Steering Committee shall be the Chair and Vice-Chair of the NCEO.
        1. The NCEO Chair will serve as the Chair of the Steering Committee.
        2. The NCEO Vice-Chair will serve as the Vice-Chair of the Steering Committee.
    2. Responsibilities of the Steering Committee.  The responsibilities of the Steering Committee are to:
      1. Support and administer the business of the NCEO by developing agendas for meetings.
      2. Identify presenters and resources to ensure successful meetings.
      3. Follow up on meeting action items.
      4. Represent the NCEO on special requests or assignments received from the IHS ELG, IHS senior management, or the Director, OMS.
      5. Prepare reports or carry out any other projects or tasks that may be assigned by the NCEO.
        1. Report to the NCEO on all its activities at least quarterly.
        2. Provide a summary report to the NCEO on the proceedings of each Committee meeting or conference call through scheduled conference calls or electronic mail, or presentations during NCEO meetings.
      6. Monitor NCEO workgroup activities and accomplishments and assist in obtaining adequate support for workgroup recommendations and to resolve issues and problems identified by the workgroups.

  6. Meetings.  Meetings will be held at least quarterly or when scheduled by the Steering Committee.  A quorum must be present for the meeting to proceed.
    1. Attendance.  It is expected that all Charter members will attend all meetings.  However, in the event of an unavoidable absence, an alternate must be designated, in writing, to the Chair no less than 7 calendar days before the meeting to be permitted voting rights.  Other employees identified in Section 2F are encouraged to attend the quarterly meetings, but they are not voting members.
    2. Definitions.
      1. Quorum:  A quorum is 2/3 of the total Charter membership.
      2. Voting:  The method of taking action (e.g., approving, supporting, endorsing, or rejecting) on any issue by consensus.
      3. Recording:  The Chair is responsible for ensuring appropriate support for recording and reporting the proceedings of all duly called meetings and conference calls.
      4. Record:  The record will consist of a summary corresponding to the agenda, as approved, and a summary of outcomes and followup items.
      5. Recorder:  The Chair will designate a member to record the proceedings of Steering Committee meetings and conference calls, consisting of a summary corresponding to the agenda, as approved, and a summary of outcomes and followup items.

  7. Reports and Recommendations.  Unless otherwise specified by the Chair, the Vice-Chair is responsible to ensure proper disposition of the reports and recommendations of the NCEO.  Such reports and recommendations will be forwarded through the Chair to the ELG within 30 days after NCEO meetings.

  8. Representation.  The Director, OMS, will represent this body to the ELG and to the IHLC.

  9. Amendments.  Amendments to the NCEO Charter may be proposed at any regular meeting.  Adoption of proposed amendments for presentation to the Director, IHS, shall be consistent within NCEO voting guidelines.

  10. Supersedure.  This Circular supersedes IHS Circular No. 97-11, "Charter: NCEO IHS," dated November 5 , 1997.

  11. Effective Date.  This Circular is effective upon date and signature by the Director, IHS.

/Michael H. Trujillo, M.D./
Michael H. Trujillo, M.D., M.P.H., M.S.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, Indian Health Service

Distribution:  Indian Health Service
Date:  February 7, 2001
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