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Circular 03-01 Exhibit D

  1. Building Security.  Building security is a responsibility of all employees.
  2. Building Access.  Indian Health Service (IHS) Identification (ID) badges are to be worn and displayed at all times by all IHS employees, commissioned corps, and contractors.
    1. Visitor badges are available from the Reyes Building front-desk security guard for anyone without an IHS ID badge who has proper identification and sponsorship; the badges will not allow access to office spaces after hours in the Reyes Building or at any time in the Twinbrook Metro Plaza (TMP), or to any Indian Health Service (IHS) parking area.
    2. Visitors must sign in at the Reyes Building front-desk security area and receive a visitor's ID badge, which they must display at all times.
    3. Visitors must be escorted at all times by a person with an IHS ID badge -- not another visitor.
    4. Anyone not displaying a proper ID should be escorted to a Reyes Building security guard, or the employee may report the person to his/her supervisor.  The person providing the report must give a description of the intruder, including where and when the person was last seen.
    5. In addition to an IHS ID badge, all employees of TMP and those assigned TMP parking will receive an electronic access card.  The electronic access card is to be carried at all times.  The electronic access card will allow the elevator to travel directly and only to the floor where the employee's office is located from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m.  The access card is not needed to operate the TMP elevator for full access to all floors from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    6. Do not hold reader-secured doors open for other people.
  3. After-hours Building/Parking Access and Security.
    1. Access to Headquarters buildings and work areas requires an IHS ID employee badge issued by the Parklawn Building Security Office. Access to the TMP parking garage (at all times) and to the TMP building after regular work hours requires an electronic pass card, issued by the Division of Administrative Services (DAS). Both the badge and the card record the time and date whenever they are used. Employees must immediately report lost or stolen badges or cards to DAS so that the card or badge can be quickly deactivated to ensure the continued safety and security of employees and property.
    2. Employees using the IHS ID badge can access all TMP IHS offices during the regular business hours from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    3. After regular work hours, the electronic pass card must be used to enter TMP and to operate the elevator to reach the floor where the employee works.
    4. After regular work hours, the IHS ID badge will only open the IHS office and area where the employee works.
    5. Regular business hours at the Reyes Building are from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The IHS ID badge must be shown to the security guard at the front reception area when entering the building.  After-hours building access requires an IHS ID badge to open the outer door, and employees must sign in with the on-duty security guard at the front desk. After working hours, the IHS badge will only open the employee?s office and work area.
  4. Building Access - Vendor/Contractors
    1. Supervisors arranging for outside vendors or contractors to perform work in their area are responsible for arranging access to the building through DAS.  The supervisor must:
      1. Provide DAS with the name of the company, the name(s) of the individual(s), and the date and approximate time of arrival.
      2. Ensure the vendor or contractor is met at the front desk, obtains a visitor?s badge, and is escorted to the work area.
    2. Security - Theft Prevention.
      1. Keep all valuables out of sight in locked drawers or cabinets.
      2. Never leave wallets, handbags, cash, or credit cards on desks or unsecured.
      3. Place laptop computers in locked drawers when not in use or at the close of the business day.
      4. Report any suspicious or disorderly individuals to your supervisor or a security guard as soon as safely possible.
      5. Do not allow suite access to any person without an official IHS or visitor's badge.

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