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Circular Exhibit 03-01-F

  1. Suspicious Persons/Behaviors.  If you see a suspicious person in your building, ask if you can help he/she.  If the person has legitimate business in the building, he/she will appreciate your assistance.  If not, ask the person to leave the building, but only if you feel comfortable doing so.  If the person refuses to leave, notify security.  Be prepared to describe the person to security.
  2. Caution.  Office staff should exercise caution when discussing/retrieving/handling sensitive or valuable information and/or equipment in front of visitors or strangers.  If you observe a suspicious person loitering in an office area, call your supervisor or security.
  3. Examples.  The following are examples of behaviors that could be considered suspicious:
    1. Any person you, or other employees, do not recognize going from room to room or office to office.
    2. Any person standing in a hallway for a long period of time.
    3. Any person waiting outside of the building near the time the card-swipe security system is operating.Ensure the person does not gain entrance when you are entering or exiting the building.
  4. Physical Description Checklist.  The appropriate way to describe a suspicious person is to start with the person's sex, race, and his/her physical appearance.  Describe his/her clothing from the top down, outer clothing first and, if visible, inner clothing. Describe the following:

    __________ Hat, hair color, length of hair.

    __________ Eye color, glasses

    __________ Complexion

    __________ Beard, moustache, jewelry

    __________ Shirt, Jacket, color/type

    __________ Trousers, skirt, color/type

    __________ Weapon

    __________ Distinguishing marks, scars, tattoos

    __________Shoes, color/type

    Height (estimate - note height in relation to other objects:______________

    Weight (estimate - describe body type):___________________________

    Speech characteristics:________________________________________

    Method and direction of escape:_________________________________

  5. Vehicle Description Checklist.  If the person leaves, be prepared to describe the vehicle and direction of travel when you call security.

    Make: _____ Year: _____Color: _____ Full Size: _____ Compact:_____

    Sports Car:_____ Van:_____ Motorcycle:_____ Truck:_____

    2-Door: _____ 4-Door:_____ License Number:_____ State:_____ License color: _____

    How many in vehicle: _____ Location last seen: _________________________________________

    Direction of travel: _______________________________________________________________

    Unusual characteristics (dents, marks, lights, bumper stickers): ________________________________________________________________

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