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Indian Health Service Headquarters Conference Rooms

Indian Health Service
Rockville, Maryland 20852

Refer to:  DAS


Effective Date:  July 31, 2013


  1. PURPOSE.  The purpose of this circular is to revise and update the procedures and responsibilities governing the use and operation of the Indian Health Service (IHS) Headquarters conference rooms located within the Reyes Building and the Twinbrook Metro Plaza Building.
  2. POLICY.  It is IHS policy that all Headquarters conference rooms may be used for both official and non-official purposes.
    1. Director, Division of Administrative Services.  The Director, Division of Administrative Services (DAS), administers the management and use of the conference rooms and directs the Headquarters Conference Management (HCM) Team.
    2. Headquarters Conference Management Team.  The HCM Team monitors and assigns the conference rooms and is comprised of DAS employees. The HCM Team members may be contacted by
    1. Priority Assignment.  In all cases, a request for conference rooms for "official" use takes priority over a request for "non-official" use.
    2. Official Use.  "Official use" means use by an employee, agent, or designated representative of the Federal Government or one of its contractors in the course of his or her employment, agency, or representation.  Conference rooms are available for official purposes such as staff meetings, advisory committee meetings, and job-related training.
    3. Non-Official Use.  Conference rooms are available for non-official use to hold meetings of recognized Federal employee groups, such as, the Union or the IHS Employee Association.  Based on availability, conference rooms may be used for private functions, such as, farewell gatherings.  Conference rooms may not be used for:
      1. A meeting or a performance sponsored or conducted by any organization or individual practicing or advocating discrimination based upon race, sex, color, religion, national origin, disability, age, or reprisal.
      2. A meeting or activity sponsored or conducted by or for commercial enterprises for profit-making purposes through the direct sale of articles, the charging of an admission fee, the making of an indirect assessment for admission, or the taking of a collection.
  5. CONFERENCE ROOMS.  The following conference rooms are available for use:
    1. Reyes Building.  1st floor Computer Training Room 103.
    2. Reyes Building.  3rd floor Director's Command Center Room 347.
    3. Reyes Building.  4th floor Rhoades Conference Center (large conference room located right off elevators).  The Rhoades Conference Center can be divided into 3 sections.  The following configurations are available for the Rhoades Conference Center:
      1. Conference Room A
      2. Conference Room B
      3. Conference Room C
      4. Conference Rooms A and B
      5. Conference Rooms B and C
      6. Conference Rooms A, B, and C
    4. Twinbrook Metro Plaza Building.  4th floor Conference Room (large conference room located inside Suite 450 next to kitchen).
    5. Twinbrook Metro Plaza Building.  6th floor Conference Room (large conference room located right off elevators across from the Fitness Center).
    1. Room Availability.  Access the Rockville Conference Room Scheduler to view available rooms for a specific date.
    2. Reserve a Conference Room.  To reserve a conference room:
      1. Click on "Reserve a Room."
      2. Complete the required fields in the "Requested By" section of the form.
      3. Enter the information for the "Event Contact Person" section of the form.
      4. Complete the required fields in the "Requested For" section of the form.
        1. In the "Special Needs" field, enter any service and/or equipment needs such as, video conferencing, teleconferencing, video media needs, etc.  See Section E on how to request services and/or equipment.
        2. In the "Other Notes" field, enter room configuration requests (e.g., theater style or classroom style).  When requesting the Reyes 4th floor Rhoades Conference Center, please provide specific room configuration.  To submit diagrams with your request, see Section (7).
      5. Enter the information for the "Request Time" section of the form.
      6. Enter the information for the "Recurrence" section of the form.
      7. Upload any documents in the "Upload Files" section of the form.  Requestors can upload diagrams of how they would like the room set up if it involves detail and/or information the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk may require for set up of video conferencing, etc.
      8. Review all information to verify that it is correct.
      9. Click the "Submit" button.
    3. Cancellations.  The requestor is responsible for canceling a reservation as soon as it is determined that the room will not be needed.  The requestor must send an e-mail to the and if services or equipment were requested, the HCM team will notify the OIT Help Desk.
    4. Standard Equipment.  Conference rooms are equipped with:
      1. Telephones
      2. Tables
      3. Chairs
      4. Flipchart Stands
    5. Services, Equipment, and Office Supplies.
      1. Audio and Video Conferencing.  Any audio and video conferencing will need to be entered in the reservation and/or special needs field.  The HCM team will notify the Help Desk.
      2. Multi-media Equipment.  Media kits such as laptops and projectors can be acquired through the DAS, Property and Supply staff by .  The reservations must be made as soon as possible to ensure availability of equipment.  The requesting office is responsible for contacting the OIT Help Desk at least 48 hours in advance for the set-up of the multi-media.
      3. Office Supplies.  Please bring your own supplies to your event.  Offices that are located adjacent to the conference rooms must not be requested to provide meeting participants with paper, writing instruments, or other office supplies.
  7. ROOM SET-UP.  Rooms are arranged to provide maximum service to all users and must not be rearranged without the permission from the HCM Team.  Follow this link for the .
  8. MOVING PARTITIONS.  The Reyes 4th floor Rhoades Conference Center can be sectioned off into three separate rooms.  The moving partitions may be operated and adjusted ONLY by HCM Team personnel.  Contact the HCM Team well in advance to ensure that the partitions are reconfigured to your specifications if you need to open or close the partitions for your event.  Keep all doors to each room closed during the meeting or event.
  9. REARRANGING CONFERENCE ROOM FURNITURE.  If a conference room is rearranged to meet specific needs, the individual who requested the conference room is responsible for reconfiguring the conference room and they must return the room to its original configuration when the event concludes.  This instruction does not apply to the 4th floor Rhoades Conference Center in the Reyes Building.  The requesting individual must notify the HCM Team at least 48 hours in advance of any specific furniture arrangements required (e.g., theater style or classroom style) to allow ample time to schedule movers to arrange the furniture.
  10. FOOD AND BEVERAGES.  Tables must be included in the set-up of the conference room for events where food and beverages are to be provided.  The use of tables will circumvent improper handling of plates and cups at an event where there are only chairs available.  Placing plates and cups on chairs may lead to spillage that will require cleanup or damage that must be repaired.
    1. The meeting planner must also increase the meeting participants' awareness to be especially careful to avoid any spillage before any food or beverages are served..
    2. It is the meeting planner's responsibility to immediately report any spillage or damage to DAS by telephone at 301-443-0815 or notify via email.
  12. DECORATIONS AND DISPLAYS.  All decorations and displays must be free-standing and not attached to any surfaces with an adhesive of any kind.  No decoration or display (in any form) shall be attached to tables, chairs, walls, ceilings, or carpeting.
  13. TABLETOPS.  Please use caution when using writing instruments, serving utensils, and other sharp objects on the tabletops in each of the conference rooms.  Tabletop finishes may be easily scratched or damaged.
  14. SCHEDULE.  A current conference room schedule will be posted near the door of each conference room on a weekly basis.
  15. SUPERSEDURE.  This circular supersedes IHS Circular No. 2007-02, dated June 26, 2007.
  16. EFFECTIVE DATE.  This circular becomes effective on the date of signature.

/Yvette Roubideaux, M.D./
Yvette Roubideaux, M.D., M.P.H.
Acting Director, Indian Health Service

Distributed:  IHS-wide
Date:  July 7, 2013