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Administrative Delegation #21

JUL 15, 2008

TO: Director
 Through:  /LK/

FROM: Acting Director, Management Policy and Internal Control Staff

SUBJECT: Rescind Delegation of Authority, Administrative #21, "Management of PHS Controlled Quarters" -- ACTION


The purpose of this memorandum is to request your approval to rescind the Indian Health Service (IHS) Delegation of Authority (DOA), Administrative #21, ?Management of PHS Controlled Quarters.?


This DOA is being rescinded because the DOA is no longer required.  The quarters management policy and procedures are written in the Department of Health and Human Services Facilities Program Manual, Section 4-1, ?Quarters,? and are also reflected in, Part 5, Chapter 13 of the Indian Health Manual.


I recommend that you approve rescinding this DOA by initialing on the ?Approved? line that follows, and by signing the Transmittal Notice attached at Tab A.


Approved:    /Robert G. McSwain/  Date:  7/18/08   
Disapproved Date:________   

/Curtis Kitto/
Curtis Kitto


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