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Administrative Delegation #22



DATE: FEB 21 1974

TO:  Agency Heads Regional Health Administrators

From: Assistant Secretary for Health

Subject: Delegation of Authorities Under The Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, P.L. 91-646

Pursuant to the authority vested in me by delegation of authority from the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management, dated November 28, 1973, I hereby redelegate the following authorities with respect to Public Law 91-646, to the addressees llsted above, in connection with administration of their respective program, responsibilities:

  1. To authorize and make payments and advakea provided for under the Act, which are chargeable to the respective program appropriations.
  2. To offer relocation assistance advisory programs for displaced persons, as provided under Section 205 of the Act.
  3. To authorize replacement housing, pursuant to Section 206(a) of the Act.
  4. To determine, as a condition precedent to approval or action under any grant to, or contract or agreement with a State agency I as defined in P.L. 91-646, that assurances submitted pursuant to Sections 210 and 305 of the Act are satisfactory.
  5. To maks loans for planning, rehabilitation, or construction oarhousing for displaced persons, pursuant to Section 215 of the Act..

Subject to the regulations Issued by the Secretary and to policies and procedures issued in the Grants Administration Manual, the delegates shall be responsible for administration of the foregoing authorities for their respective programs and for costs incurred therefore.

These authorities may be exercised in connection with existing redelegation of authority to administer the applicable programs

/Signature for/
Charles C. Edwards

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