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Administrative Delegation #29

Administrative #29

Date:  JAN 28 1991

From: Associate Director
Office of administration and Management

Subject: Delegation of Authority to Certify True Copies

To: Associate Director
Office of Health Program Research and Development

Pursuant to the authority delegated to the Associate Director, Office of Administration and Management, by the Director of Headquarters Operations, Indian Health Service (IHS), on November 26, 1990, I hereby delegate to the Associate Director, Office of Health Program Research and Development, the following authorities, to be exercised within his/her organization:

The authority to certify true copies of any books, records, papers, or other documents on file within his/her organization, or extracts from such, to certify that true copies are true copies of the entire file of his/her organization, to certify the complete original record, or to certify the nonexistence of records on file within his/her organization, and to cause the Seal of the Department to be affixed to such certifications.

The Authority to cause the Seal to be affixed to agreements, awards,citations, diplomas, and similar documents.


These authorities may be redelegated.


Requirements and instructions for exercising these authorities are contained in HHS Chapter l-20, General Administration Manual, and any PHS or IHS supplement thereto.


This delegation supersedes Exhibit 1-5.2A-17, Subject: Certification of True Copies, Indian Health Manual, Part I, Chapter 5, Delegations of Authority, Transmittal Notice 89.3, dated June 26, 1989.


This delegation is effective upon date of signature.

/George Buzzard/
George Buzzard

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